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Miraclean Technology Co., Ltd.

About Us
Established in 2003 Technology is a manufacturer specialized in producing Cleanroom Products Printers Cleaning Products In order to meet or even exceed the industry standard the plant is completely equipped with DI water system sterilization equipments and purification workshops We are using the lastest FTIR IC and LPC test equipment which operated by experienced QA engineers All critical aspects of contamination control are tested for NVR ION contamination absorbency particle count and extractables We produced Cleanroom Swabs used for Electronics Industry and Optics Cleaning Kits used for Card Printers Thermal Printers and Cleaning Cards used for Financial Equipments since the inception...

Categories and Products

Cleanroom Swabs

Printers Cleaning Kits

ATM Cleaning Kits

Check Scanners Cleaning Kits

Currency Counters Cleaning Kits

Polyester Wipes

Non-woven Wipes

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